Dirty Looks at The Playhouse this Saturday night

Shappi Khorsandi brings her latest stand-up show ‘Dirty Looks And Hopscotch’ to the Big Tickle Comedy Festival this weekend and The Derry Journal has three pairs of tickets to give away to our lucky readers.

The Irianian-born comedian Shappi Khorsandi has headlined live at the Apollo and it would seem appeared on every TV show from Question Time to Have I got News For You and will be strutting her, and it seems her ex-boyfriend’s stuff, at The Playhouse this Saturday night.

Priding herself on telling “only the truth, though perhaps it is slightly distorted and coloured for the stage,” Shappi has never been one to hide behind her comedy; rather, it seems, she re-examines her life through it.

Shappi told the ‘Journal’: “I’m really enjoying the show, it is about both a former relationship of mine and how, as young girls we are programmed as we grow up.

“We are dressed up as princesses and fed fairy tales. We all grow up expecting a Prince Charming to sweep us off our feet, but real life isn’t like that. We are told to dream of a big white wedding dress and not that the dress will bankrupt us or our family.”

Certainly Shappi, who was divorced only a few years ago, has been finding that life isn’t always a fairytale. The ex-boyfriend who provides the material in Dirty Looks and Hopscotch had been seeing other women and she was shocked to discover, also had a partner of several years.

“When I found out I phoned the girl and we had a lovely ten hour chat,” she says as if that was the most obvious thing in the world to do.

“She was a wonderful person. I really enjoyed our chat and at the end of the phone call I just thought ‘he is not my nightmare now.’”

The former partner was, says Shappi, “a rockstar.”

“I think it is true to say comedians want to be rockstars and rockstars want to be comedians. They have to maintain their cool at all time so it is hard for them to be funny but it made for an interesting relationship. I think relationships have to be entertaining.”

If Shappi’s other comedy shows are anything to go by her subject matter, no matter what, is always entertaining. But does it get exasperating divulging her personal life to strangers every night?

“Well the good thing about stand up is that you can change what you say so I don’t dwell on stuff that is still raw. I can’t talk about stuff I’m still raw about. I tried that while I was going through my divorce but you need time to reflect first, the most important thing is that I am there to entertain an audience. Everything I say on stage is the truth. I might add a little colour but only after I’ve cast a massive net over my real life to see where the humour lays.”

Shappi admits: “It does occasionally get me in trouble with friends and family but the problem is I rarely remember what I say on stage, then it is broadcast long after I forgot who I was talking about.”

There is no doubt The Playhouse audience will remember Shappi’s show for a long time afterwards.

Shappi plays Derry this Saturday (September 15) at 8pm. Tickets cost £13 and are available from The Playhouse Box Office on (028)71268027 or online at www.derryplayhouse.co.uk.

A number of tickets are remaining but to win one of three pairs email the answer to the following question to laurence.mcclenaghan@derryjournal.com.

The Big Tickle Comedy Festival is organised by A. The Playhouse. B. The Funhouse or C. Pete’s House