Disabled access signage call

Derry's Walls. DER0315MC059
Derry's Walls. DER0315MC059

Sinn Fein Councillor, Colly Kelly, says there is a need for signs pointing to disabled access to Derry’s historic walls.

Colr. Kelly said it was a matter that needed to be resolved immediately as it could hamper tourists with mobility problems from accessing the historic walls.

“There are a lot of local people who would find it difficult to find the exact points to get on or off the walls.

“There are a number of ramps on to the walls at Bank Place, Magazine Street and at Society Street which give access for wheelchair and people with mobility problems.

“I think it’s not insurmountable to get a number of signs in and around the boundary of the walls to direct people to the access points and I will do all I can to see if this can happen.”