Discussion on new Bloody Sunday memorial in Creggan welcomed

Councillor Gary Donnelly
Councillor Gary Donnelly

Councillor Gary Donnelly has welcomed the dialogue currently taking place by local groups and representatives to enhance the physical appearance of Central Dive and upgrade the gateways to Creggan.

The Independent councillor said the work would showcase the diversity and creativity of the local community.

Colr Donnelly said: “The new Bloody Sunday Mural to be erected at Central Drive will reflect the importance of the starting point of the 1972 march.

“This location was then, as it has been on numerous other occasions, the focal point for the Civil Rights struggle in Derry and in Ireland. So it is entirely appropriate that we will commemorate here the role played by local residents in the struggle for their civil rights and the ongoing quest of the families of Bloody Sunday for justice. Inclusive community development and ownership is key to building beneficial relationships within and between local communities.

And the current dialogue involving groups and representatives ensures that all local groups and residents are being treated with mutual respect.

“It is important that everyone should endeavour to work together to improve the local environment through community based artwork and murals that showcase our cultural histories.”