Disgust as dead dog dumped in wheelie bin

SDLP Councillor Shauna Cusack.  (DR4113JB145)
SDLP Councillor Shauna Cusack. (DR4113JB145)

SDLP Councillor Shauna Cusack has spoken of her disgust after a dead dog was dumped in a wheelie bin and discarded down a banking in Derry.

The discovery was made over the weekend in the Lower Rosemount area.

Colr. Cusack said: “I cannot fathom why someone would do such a cruel thing, not only had they no regard or respect for the poor animal but none for their environment or they people who live here.

“I know not everyone feels the same about animals, but this act was just despicable and understandably distressing for the individual who found it.”

Colr. Cusack said there is always help for anyone who is not be able to cope, or who does not know what to do if your pet passes away.

“Call Council, a vet or even ask a neighbour or public rep for advice,” she said.

“I would like to commend those in Pet FBI who took the situation in hand and the individual who took the time to give this dog a dignified end of life.

“I would like to ask if anyone has any information on this issue to get in touch as either we are dealing with a vulnerable individual who needs help or a callous one who should be made accountable.”