Disputes as to who has paid what tax

While Dublin TD Clare Daly has obtained figures from the Department of Environment which indicate 600,000 households across the country are still refusing to pay the Household Tax from last year and that just under 1.6 million (over 80%) households have not registered for the Property Tax with just four days to go before the deadline, the battle of spin to win the ‘austerity battle’ is still ongoing.

Yesterday Donegal County Council claimed there has been a surge in the number of households paying the household charge in Donegal over the last number of weeks, and the Council expects to exceed the 65% compliance rate this week.

But yesterday too Joe Murphy, one of the first activists to take to the streets in protest against the increasing burden being placed on working families, said the government was ‘chancing its

He told the Journal: “They always exaggerate their figures. This is to scare people that they will be isolated if they don’t pay up.

“We are still very clearly telling people that these taxes are unfair. There is no provision for ability to pay, no provision as to the circumstances of individual families.

“And this claim that the Revenue authorities are all powerful is rubbish. Are they going to take all of us to court or send us all to prison?”

In regard to the Property Tax according to the reply received by Ms Daly earlier this week 36,141 households in Donegal had registered at the end of last year and this had risen to 41,212 by last Friday.

Meanwhile, the Council is continuing to urge householders to pay their household charge now to avoid incurring any further late payment fees and charges.

A spokesperson said: “Donegal County Council are reminding all householders who have yet to pay their Household Charge that the Council will accept payment at any of the Council Offices throughout the county. Householders can also pay online at www.householdcharge.ie .

“Pay before the 31 May to avail of the current charge of €144 which will increase to €145 in June. From July Revenue will be collecting this payment and the charge will increase to €200 and will be added to the Local Property Tax due on the property with further late payment fees and charges being accrued.

“The Council is urging all householders to pay now to avoid incurring any further late payment fees and charges.”