Divert Project campaigns ‘More Cheer, Less Beer’

The Divert Project is proactive in campaigning at heightened times of the year when alcohol use is prevalent in communities and in homes.

Divert campaigns aim to promote safe and responsible behaviour in relation to alcohol use.

In the run-up to Christmas the Divert Project launched its ‘More Cheer, Less Beer’ Campaign to further enhance its Hidden Harm Project which works with children and young people aged 4-17 who are living with the effects of parental drug or alcohol misuse in the home.

Divert also strive to support the families of the children and young people it works with.

Whilst Divert currently works with children, young people and families impacted by alcohol misuse, all families are urged at this time to consider how alcohol use affects their children and wider family members.

The message conveyed by Divert through the ‘More Cheer, Less Beer Campaign’ was also highlighted throughout the Christmas period across the Derry, Limavady and Strabane area.

One of main messages depicted in the Campaign was ‘Merry Christmas - For Who?’ with the hope that this thought provoking message would remind parents and families that Children are the vocal point of Christmas and that alcohol can create negative and often sad memories of what is supposed to be a festive time.

The message to all families from Divert is to be mindful of how alcohol is used in the home and to spare a thought for the impact that too much alcohol may have on your children.

For further information on the Campaign which was funded through the HSC, Public Heath Agency please contact the Divert Project- Hidden Harm Project 02871 269327.