Do YOU have any Bloody Sunday march posters?

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The Museum of Free Derry have issued a call to the Derry public in the hope of tracking down several missing posters advertising the city’s annual Bloody Sunday marches.

A vivid and eye-catching new poster has just gone on sale at the museum in the Bogside’s Glenfada Park, featuring an array of posters spanning four decades of annual commemoration marches. The first march took place in 1973 and every year since until the last commemoration march in January this year.

However, not every year since 1973 has been accounted for and so the museum is calling upon the public to search their attics in the hope of uncovering any of those missing from the collection.

Adrian Kerr, Manager of Museum of Free Derry, is optimistic that local people could help track down the missing posters.

Speaking to the ‘Derry Journal’ earlier this week, Mr Kerr explained: “The new poster is a fantastic collection of images from 1973 onwards, highlighting the annual march and the Bloody Sunday campaign for justice and then the final poster from this year highlights the vindication of the families’ long fight.

“We have collected all of the Bloody Sunday March posters that we could find, but there are still a few missing. We would be very interested to hear from anyone who might have any stored away at home.”

Mr Kerr added: “The years not included in the new poster are 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979 and 1991. We’re actually not sure that there were march posters created for all of these years - so we would love to hear from anyone who has posters dating from these years and, indeed, what those posters were.”

If you can enlighten the staff at Museum of Free Derry, please feel free to contact the museum at 55 Glenfada Park, Bogside, Derry. Telephone: 71. 360880 or email:

The limited edition posters are available to buy from the Museum of Free Derry in Glenfada Park, priced £6.