Do you remember the Rossville Flats?

A new Facebook site has been set up for former residents of the Rossville Flats.

The group has been established by former caretaker Eddie Breslin and former resident Terry Lambert for people to swop stories and memories of their days living in the Bogside flats.

“We ran an exhibition in the Gasyard Faile and it proved very popular,” explained Terry. “Already we have 150 friends on the Facebook site.

“We’d like to hear from anyone who lived in the flats, particularly from people who have moved abroad.”

The site is full of old photographs from the 70s and eighties.

And there is plenty of chat about the events that used to happen there.

“There’s been a lot of fun on the site with questions about what people remember or don’t remember,” said Eddie.

“The name of the Chinese takeaway has caught a lot of people out and there are plenty of other things that people remember, or only think they remember.”

Anyone wanting to check out the site can find Rossville Flats on Facebook and send a friend request in the usual way.