Dog Hotel - Derry’s Kelly and her dog Lola to star in new Watch TV Dog-U-Soap

Kelly Brown with her dog Lola.
Kelly Brown with her dog Lola.

This is the Derry woman who forks out a small fortune to have her beloved dog Lola looked after at a five star dog hotel when she’s at work.

Kelly Brown who now lives in Brighton is among the thousands of English people who worship the ground their dogs walk on.

She and Lola will feature in a new show ‘Dog Hotel’ which airs on the channel Watch on October 14.

“Lola is a Jack Russell Chihuahua cross, “ explained Kelly.

“She’s three and is a fully trained therapy dog who can help people cope with anxiety and depression.”

And in her own job as a mental health peer co-ordinator in Brighton, it’s not unusual for Kelly to bring Lola into work one day a week to help some of her clients.

“We usually leave Lola at doggy day care three days a week,” she explained. “When she’s there she can be with her friends, enjoy the splash pool and snooze time. There’s doggy hydrotherapy and a poochy parlour. There’s a flat screen television and a memory foam bed.”

The dog hotel caught the attention of television producers who’ve now made it into a series in which Kelly and Lola feature.

“I was asked if we had anything similar to this in Ireland,” explained Kelly. “But I said that the culture around dogs is completely different. Here we refer to dogs as our fur babies.”

And Kelly makes no apology for splashing out on making sure her dog is looked after.

“I really do love her,” she said. “I knit and crochet clothes for Lola. We can’t afford to send her every day but we send her two days a week.

“And she helps me in my day job. Having a dog is a serious commitment. I couldn’t leave her at home all day. For Lola it’s all about socialising with other dogs and she trusts the other dogs there. Her best friend is Bessy and they love playing chase together.”

The show airs on October 14 at 8 p.m. on Watch.