Dog stung 700 times

A Creggan family have spoken of their trauma after their pet dog was killed by a “vicious” swarm of bees.

The incident occurred last Tuesday but the family of Todd the dog have only felt able to talk about the death of their beloved pet now.

The five and a half year old Springer Spaniel was accompanying Danny and Margaret McDonagh and their three year old granddaughter, Grace, on a walk to the family allotment.

“I knew something was a bit different, the bees were more agitated,” said Danny. “I decided to leave quickly as they began brushing past us.”

The family soon came under attack: “I lifted Grace and ran with her, as I didn’t want her to get stung.

“At that stage I was thinking about being stung by one bee not by the entire swarm.”

Mrs. McDonagh said: “They were in my hair, up my sleeves and brushing past my face, there must have been thousands of bees.”

Mr. McDonagh suffered five stings and Margaret several more:

“My arm was stung right up to the elbow,” she told the Journal.

Danny then returned to collect Todd: “I couldn’t see him so I thought he got away.

“It was only when I saw one paw protruding from under a mass of bees that I knew he was being attacked.

“He wasn’t even crying and there must have been thousands of bees on him.”

Such was the ferocity of the attack, Danny, who was later helped by another man, couldn’t get within ten foot of the bees before, “being beaten back by them.”

The attack continued for over an hour.

“It was a vicious attack by wild animals,” said Danny, who is obviously still affected by the “ordeal.

“It was a traumatising incident.”

When the men did rescue the dog and get it to a vet, it was discovered that not only had Todd suffered over 700 stings but bees were still inside his body.

He died within an hour of reaching the vetinarian.