Dogs drive city barking mad

Noisy dogs are driving the Derry public barking mad, new figures reveal.

Barking dogs topped the list of noise complaints received by the City Council in 2010, according to the annual Noise Complaint statistics.

Of a total of 343 complaints received last year, 130 related to animal noise.

Noisy neighbours came second on the list, with music/television/parties accounting for 119 of the total complaints received.

While the council served three notices in relation to noise, no one was prosecuted in relation to any of the complaints.

A spokeswoman for Derry City Council says the local authority is committed to tackling nuisance noise.

“While the Council would encourage the public to try to resolve the matter with the noise-maker directly and attempt to come to a compromise however, if a formal approach is necessary Environmental Health officers are happy to assist and take action on their behalf.

“The action taken by Council will depend on the extent of the problem and where the noise is coming from.”

Anyone seeking further information on noise complaints should contact Derry City Council’s Environmental Health Department, Tel. 028 7136 5151.