Doherty family ‘still looking for MI5 answers’

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THE family of Real IRA murder victim Kieran Doherty says it wants the PSNI to investigate an alleged MI5 link to the 31-year-old’s death.

The Doherty family says an investigation which found MI5 had no connection to his death is “disappointing” and has not given them the answers they need.

The Real IRA said it murdered Mr. Doherty- a senior member of the organisation - over alleged involvement in drugs. But his family claimed MI5 was involved.

Before his death, the 31-year-old claimed he was being harassed by MI5 to become an agent for them.

Then, following concerns by his family that the organisation may have had something to do with his death, an inquiry was ordered.

The investigation - which was carried out by Lord Carlile, the independent government advisor for security - found M15 was not connected.

He said there was no “misbehaviour or infraction by anybody connected directly or indirectly with the public service” in connection with the murder.

In a letter to Foyle MP Mark Durkan, Lord Carlile says: “Kieran’s cruel death was not in any respect a consequence of any misbehaviour or infraction by anybody directly or indirectly connected with the public service.

“Further, the Police Service of Northern Ireland have been able to carry out a full and unimpeded murder inquiry.”

He added that the Doherty family could pursue other remedies through statutory procedures if they wished.

“My work on this matter is now closed. Because of its nature, I would not regard any further meetings on the subject as appropriate,” he wrote.

But the Doherty family say that, while they welcome the investigation, it cannot stop there.

The family say the conclusion that the PSNI had not been impeded in the murder probe leaves an “avenue” open for further investigation.

“We still need answers,” said a spokesperson for the family. “We will not be whitewashed by the excuse of national security.

“We remain determined to expose the full story behind Kieran’s murder.”