Dolphins delight kayakers at Malin Head

Visitors to Malin Head pier were treated to a spectacular dolphin display yesterday, August 5th.

A pod of the peninsula’s now-famous dolphins swam into the pier around lunchtime and frolicked around a group of kayakers who were out in the water.

A dolphin seen off the coast of Malin Head.

A dolphin seen off the coast of Malin Head.

The pod’s presence was met with screams of delight by the people on the pier, many of whom were visiting the area and staying in nearby caravan parks.

The bottle-nose dolphins have appeared in the waters off Malin Head and Glengad in recent months, attracting many visitors to the area.

The Journal’s Inishowen reporter Laura Glenn was one of those lucky enough to witness the dolphin display at the pier and captured it all on video.