‘Don’t be afraid to ask if palliative could help’

A range of palliative care supports are available locally.
A range of palliative care supports are available locally.

Local people have been urged to find out more about assistance available for those with non-curable conditions and their families.

The Western Trust is highlighting the difference palliative can make to patients, carers and families ahead of Palliative Care Week, which runs from September 3 to 9.

Palliative care involves achieving the best possible quality of life for people with serious illness whilst caring for all aspects of the person.

This is to ensure that those with a serious and progressive condition can have the best possible quality of life by putting the person at centre of care whether it is provided at home, in a nursing home, hospital or hospice.

John McGarvey, Assistant Director for Intermediate Care and Rehabilitation, Western Trust said: “A palliative care approach is beneficial for anyone with a non-curable illness, regardless of age or condition and also supports their family, friends and carers both during illness and afterwards.

“For the very best outcomes palliative care starts as early as possible and is suitable for a number of years, not just the weeks and days at the end of life. Don’t be afraid to ask your GP or any other healthcare professional if palliative care could help you or someone you love. Knowing a loved one is comfortable and respected, with their pain managed, can make it easier to talk and to laugh.”

To find out more information about Palliative Care visit: www.thepalliativehub.com