Donegal’s rich list

Donegal’s seven richest people are worth a massive 764 million between them, it’s been revealed.

According to the Sunday Independent some of the country’s wealthiest people have roots in the county.

The county’s richest man is Hugh Green whose is valued at 240 million euro. He’s got more than 3,000 acres of land near Auckland in New Zealand and is known as a decent and ordinary man who comes home to Donegal every summer.

Next is Formula One racing tycoon Paddy McNally whose reportedly has a fortune of 205 million.

He was once estimated to be worth more than 400 million euro at the height of the F1 boom when his company controlled all the trackside advertising.

And it appears Enya’s hit the right tune with a massive 110 million euro

The Killybegs McHugh family are worth an estimated 76 million euro.

The family sold their late father Kevin’s 50 million super trawler Altantic Dawn but kept hold of their fishing quotas.

Son, Kevin McHugh, is managing director of the Atlantic Dawn Group with another super trawler the Veronica, making the cash.

Moya Doherty, of Riverdance fame, and her partner John McColgan are worth 68 million euro.

Former Granada chairman, Sir Gerry Robinson, from Dunfanaghy and now living in Raphoe, is worth 42 million.

The 63-year-old made a cool 18 million when he sold his Compass group.

His fortune is down by 4 million.

And financier Sean Ewing has 23 million euro to his name. He now lives in Majorca after crashing in his hedge fund business Absolute Capital Management and taking a 60 per cent stake in yatch-painting business Pinmar.