Donegal to get oldest mayor in the country!

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Donegal will have the oldest mayor in the country if the pact on Donegal Co. Council agreed last year holds.

The independent grouping on Donegal County Council has confirmed that Cllr. McGarvey will be its nomination for mayor next month.

The 83-year-old Ramelton councillor, who is the oldest county councillor in the country, now looks set to become mayor of Donegal at the council’s annual general meeting on June 24th.

The five independent members of the council agreed on Monday to nominate Cllr. McGarvey as mayor and Cllr. Michael McBride as deputy mayor.

It is the turn of the independent grouping on the council to take the two positions under an agreement drawn up at the beginning of the council term in 2009.

Cllr. Terence Slowey of the independent grouping said Cllr. McGarvey’s nomination sent out a great message to the elderly in Donegal and across the country.

Colr McGarvey was a noted soccer player in his youth and was active on the playing field well into his 40’s. He was an active member of Fianna Fail for several years and stood as a candidate for the party. However, he left the party some years ago.