'˜Donkey derby' sparks warning

Young people suspected of staging so-called '˜donkey derbies' by jumping through back gardens and yards in Ballymagroarty have been warned such behaviour can easily degenerate into low level crime.

Friday, 9th November 2018, 8:00 pm

Police in Strand Road have confirmed that a number of teenagers were spoken to in the presence of their parents in the estate after complaints were received about their behaviour on Monday night.

The youths and their parents were warned how seemingly harmless horseplay can quickly deteriorate into anti-social behaviour and trespass.

“Regardless of whether you call it ‘Jump Jockey’, ‘Grand National’ or ‘Donkey Derby’ the people of Ballymagroarty rightly call it anti-social behaviour and are not happy,” the Ballyarnett Neighbourhood Policing Team stated.

It can also become even more serious if attempts are made to enter properties, they warned.

“If then curiosity gets the better of you and start trying shed handles during these ‘games’, this is a whole different story

“Last night Ballyarnett NPT were tasked to help out in Kavanagh Court in relation to one such report.

“Within a short space of time our team identified five youths involved.

“We took two home and then spoke with three others in the presence of their parents,” the PSNI stated.

The force reported that their intervention was well received by the parents and that in this instance the behaviour is likely to result in nothing more serious than a ‘grounding’.

“At this point I would like to acknowledge the positive response and assistance at each of the homes. I have no doubt these youths will be grounded for a day or two!!!”

The PSNI have asked anyone with concerns about anti-social behaviour to contact them at Strand Road.