Door of Mercy opened at Holy Family school

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A Derry primary school has just opened its specially created Door of Mercy.

Holy Family created the door to coincide with the church’s year of mercy, Catholic Schools’ Week and the school mission run by the Ceili Community.

The idea came about when pupils and staff at the school discussed how mercy is made real in our lives and how we could recognize if we are growing in mercy.

The pupils thought it would be a great idea to highlight the growth in mercy at the school as the year progresses.

Each month the teachers in each class will receive a specially coloured ribbon, for February it is gold, and when the pupils show mercy they will be given a piece of the ribbon and given time to tie it on to the door of mercy.

In March, the ribbon will be purple and the same process will occur.

Accordingly, the staff at the school are hoping to see a rainbow of ribbons by June of this year to represent the clear growth in mercy.

The official opening of the door was performed by trustee governor Sr. Ann Doherty with pupils from the school, Jessica Devine and Daimhin Pritchard assisting.