Dove House services at Corn Beef Tin

Bronach McMOnagle of Dove House.  (0808JB02)
Bronach McMOnagle of Dove House. (0808JB02)

Dove House in Derry is to further expand its operation by hosting services in Creggan.

Over the past number of years Dove House has expanded itself both through the development of new services as well as geographically hosting satellite services throughout Derry, the Waterside, Strabane and Limavady areas to meet the needs of individuals and communities experiencing difficulties as a result of inequalities.

2015 brings with it another expansion this time a bit closer to home. The organisation will be hosting multiple services from the brand new Creggan Neighbourhood Partnership building, also known as the Corn Beef Tin.

Brónach McMonagle, Manager of Dove House stated, “This is a welcomed opportunity for us to reach out to a wider catchment of people, making our services more accessible and within reach. We have witnessed a rapid increase in the demand for the services we provide, including welfare rights, substance misuse, support with domestic abuse to name a few.”

Brónach said, “Dove House’s has always remained focused on challenging inequalities and creating self-sustainable individuals and communities by working in collaboration and partnership to deliver its services and initiatives.

“We hope our services will complement the sterling work currently delivered within CNP and the wider Creggan area, offering local people a one stop shop type facility on their doorstep.”

Women who experience domestic abuse or addiction in the Creggan area will be able to find help closer to home from next week.

Supporting women through a number of problems will form part of the new services offered to the Creggan community by Dove House.

Dove House has congratulated all involved in the development of the new centre at the Corn Beef Tin.

From Monday 12th January, Dove House will be offering the following services from the Creggan Neighbourhood Partnership (CNP) premises:

Dove House Advice Services – Welfare Rights and Debt/ Money Management; Women’s Advocacy project – Support for Women experiencing Domestic abuse and/ or addiction; Well Fair Project – Support and Advice for vulnerable and isolated older people offering a befriending, advice and education service.

A spokesperson for Dove House wished CNP success and said: “Dove House would like to congratulate all involved in the development of the new centre.”