Dragon’s late mother Patsy inspired him to invest in skincare firm


Derry dragon Peter Casey has invested in a Ballycastle seaweed company because his late mother was a huge fab of one of its key ingredients.

In what he said was an “emotional decision” Peter Casey has put 35,000 euro into the company Caraderm, an Irish moss seaweed serum.

Peter told Liam McBride from Caraderm that his mother Patsy had a great fondness for Carrageen and took the seeds every morning.

He was also impressed with Liam’s business acumen and his successes in developing the product and getting it to market.

Peter said: “Straightaway I could see the potential in the business.

“Here we had a marvellous and abundant naturally occurring product.

“Liam was passionate about the business and he had shown tremendous initiative to get it to the stage it was at, listed by various pharmaceutical retail groups.

“Then there was the personal element as my mother had always proclaimed the benefits of carrageen to us all.

“It was the sort of opportunity of a lifetime. Straight away Liam and I hit it off.”

Now stocked by pharmacies across Ireland and the UK and with a series of meetings under way to target new customers, Liam McBride and Caraderm is making a success story out of one of Ireland’s richest natural products.

Liam says: ”If anyone wants to see the benefits of Caraderm my advice is simple. Just try it.”

The natural moisturising properties of Caraderm’s seaweed based products soothe and cool summer stings, scratches and sunburn offering relief from itching and inflammation and a calming effect on the symptoms of acne, eczema and psoriasis.

The main ingredient of the Caraderm range is Carrageen Moss, also known as Irish Moss, a seaweed which grows in great abundance along the rugged Atlantic coastline.

Carrageen Moss is well known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties and is rich in nourishing vitamins and minerals.

Since Caraderm launched its original Seaweed Serum two years ago, the County Antrim-based company’s product range has grown steadily and today it includes a shampoo and body wash, bath soak, seaweed bath pouch and shaving foam.

The latest product to hit the shelves is Basalt Black, a soothing aftershave balm will be available from this week in the company’s new retail outlet in Ballycastle in the Rathlin Island ferry terminal building.

Liam says: “I used a traditional recipe that had been handed down through our family to develop a seaweed serum which is very easily absorbed and leaves the skin feeling silky and smooth.”

The Caraderm range is listed by United Drug Sangers and the products can also be purchased online at http://www.caradermskincare.com/shop/