Drama kids go to Blunderland

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As pupils of the Foyle School of Speech and Drama prepare for their Christmas show the ‘Journal’ went to rehearsals for ‘Alas in Blunderland.’

Sarah Jane Carten (9): ”The Christmas show is on my birthday. This year I am Snow White. I love drama because it gives you confidence. Our teacher Miss Biddle is amazing. I would never leave the class, I even go when I’m sick.”

Oonagh Payne (10) “I moved here from England two years ago, my mum is from Derry. I’m mummy bear in the show. I love plays and acting. I really like Miss Biddle too.”

Laura White (10) : “This year I’m a dwarf. I’ve learned all my lines already. Miss Biddle is the best, I’m really lucky to go to this class.”

Cara McGuinness (9): “I have been doing drama since I was in P1. I’m Little Red Riding Hood this year and I have a big red cloak. My mammy, daddy and granny and grandad are coming on the night to see me. I’d like to be an actress when I grow up.”

Eile McLaughlin (10): I have got the part of the wicked queen. I love drama and would like to be an actress. Acting helps you be more confident.”

Adam Friel (9): “I started drama when I was 3. I think I get my talent from my mum who did drama as well. This year I’m the wolf in the Christmas show. “

Shay McAleer (10): “I really like drama. This year I am playing daddy bear and I have to wear a bear costume. I love coming to drama and meeting all my friends. I think more boys should come to drama and learn to be actors.

Magali Wing (9): “I started drama in P2. My sister Estelle goes to drama and helps me practice. I’m playing Grumpy the dwarf and Estelle says this role suits me because I can’t control my temper. My uncle is coming over from London to see the show. I love acting and expressing myself. I would love to be an actress when I grow up.”

All pupils from the Foyle School of Speech and Drama will perform in the show at the Millennium Forum on Tuesday night.