DRD ‘need to be clearer’ about car parking - O’Hagan

Derry City Councillor Barney O'Hagan shows were motorists have been caught out.
Derry City Councillor Barney O'Hagan shows were motorists have been caught out.

A Derry City councillor has called upon the Department for Regional Development (DRD) to stipulate more clearly where motorists are permitted to park in a car park beside Foyle Street.

Sinn Fein councillor, Barney O’Hagan, said he had been contacted by people who had parked their vehicles in the Foyle Street pay and display car park only to find out that they had been issued with a parking ticket for not parking in the allocated area.

“In recent weeks I have been contacted by a number of people who have received parking tickets despite having paid and displayed.

“These people are parking in good faith in a place where they think they are permitted to park but when they return to the car they find they have been hit with a hefty fine.

“I would urge people to be aware of this and I would also call upon the DRD to make where motorists can and cannot park more clear.”

A DRD spokesperson said;

“Vehicles will receive a Penalty Charge Notice if they are not parked in a marked parking bay within the car park. The area of the car park indicated does not have bay markings because it is the main entrance/exit road into and out of the car park and also allows drivers an unobstructed area in which to reverse/drive out from the bays opposite that area.

“The information to park ‘wholly within a bay’ is clearly given on the ‘House’ sign (the large red sign at the entrance to the car park), on the ticket machine and also is within the Off Street Parking Order (white sign) which is beside the ticket machine.”