Drink Think re-launch child focussed campaign

The Drink Think Project is relaunching their ‘Children See, Children Do’ campaign.

The message of the campaign is to encourage families to consider not drinking alcohol during family celebrations which focus on the child.

Number of children in rehab for drinking on rise

Number of children in rehab for drinking on rise

According to research from a survey of young teenagers carried out by Ipsos MORI, children who see their parents drunk are twice as likely to regularly get drunk themselves.

The campaign includes a short film and a billboard campaign that has a striking graphic of a child’s eye showing what they see.

Funded by the Big Lottery, the campaign highlights that children are watching and learning from the adults around them from the moment they are born and it aims to ask adults to think carefully about how and when they drink in front of young children.

Claire Robinson, Campaign Coordinator for the Drink Think Project said, “As a family it’s great to come together when we have cause to celebrate. If children are going to be there it is important to consider if it is appropriate to have alcohol present. If we always have alcohol at our family events it’s difficult to be surprised when our children try alcohol as early as 13 years old. It is something they have always seen.

“Drinking sensibly and staying within the recommended daily amount of 2-3 units for women and 3-4 units for men will set a good example for our children.”

Remember ‘Children See – Children Do’

For further information contact Drink Think Project on (028) 71363925 or drinkthinkproject@bbhealthforum.org.