Drop in Inishowen’s live register

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Inishowen’s live register has dropped by nearly 10 per cent. Now one councillor is saying it will drop significantly more over the next four years as emigration rates soar.

At the Easter Commemoration in Buncrana on Sunday Sinn Fein councillor Jack Murray asked the packed gathering ‘where is the hope for the young people of Ireland?’

Speaking at the event - which saw more than 100 republicans gather to commemorate the Easter Rising and all those who have given their lives in pursuit of Irish freedom - he said people were ‘struggling to survive’ in the tough economic climate.

The live register shows there were 4,528 people signing on in Inishowen, that’s dropped 8 per cent. A fall of just over 2 per cent was recorded in Letterkenny with 5,902 on the register.

There were falls of just over 1 per cent in Ballyshannon with 1,549. Donegal Town with 1,388 and Ballybofey with 2,660.

At the event Cllr Murray said: “Hundreds of thousands of our people are unemployed. Hundreds of thousands of others are struggling to survive. Highly educated, intelligent young people are flooding out of the country in scenes reminiscent of the 1950s and 1980s.

“In the North, the British Conservative party policy threatens to destroy the economy through the imposition of a savage cut of £4 billion to public funding.

“This is the same policy of austerity that the EU and IMF are imposing in the 26 Counties with the agreement of the Fine Gael/Labour Government.

“The question for political leaders is what to do in such circumstances. It boils down to political choices.

“They can meekly accept the situation and punish ordinary citizens or they can stand with the people, resist austerity and lead a fightback.”

He said the ‘flat taxes’ imposed by the government simply aren’t working.

He congratulated Buncrana’s Joe Murphy and Carndonagh’s Philip McFadden who set off on a walk from Malin Head to Dublin recently to raise awareness against austerity.

He said: “After 22 says they were joined by up to ten thousands people at the Conference Centre in Dublin and delivered a powerful message.”

He said the priority for Inishowen’s Sinn Fein party is to build on the growth of the youth organisation to ensure ‘the continued progress towards achieving our national strategic objectives’.