Drumfries nun was ‘true saint’

Relatives of the deadly flu victim, Sr Eugene Fullerton, have described her as a ‘beautiful lady and a true saint’.

The niece of Sr Eugene, Anna Brothwood, travelled from the Midlands, in England, to say her final farewells to her ‘beautiful and kind’ aunt who she told the Journal was ‘loved dearly’.

Ms Brothwood paid tribute to Sr Eugene - who was originally from Drumfries and named Brigid - after her funeral mass at Cockhill Church on Wednesday morning.

She told the Journal: “We all have such great memories of her.

“She was just a beautiful lady, there’s just so many stories to tell. She was a fantastic person and was a true saint.”

The funeral saw mourners turn out to pay their respects for the 85-year-old who was sadly one of the six people who contracted a deadly strain of flu in Fahan’s Nazareth House, recently.

Her remains were brought in to the church by five visibly upset nuns.

Fahan Parish Priest, Father Neil McGoldrick conducted the service and told mourners Sr Eugene had led a ‘simple’ life and had worked in many different parts of England carrying out her good work.

He said it was extremely sad that she’d come to live in Nazareth House and share a room with her sister Kathleen, but because of her dementia ‘they never knew each other’.

He said she was a lady who loved life, was witty and strong willed and enjoyed a glass of Sherry.

He said: “Some of you who knew her to at least some degree, and those who knew her well, would say she was a person who wouldn’t let you off with anything. She was witty, jolly and kind. Yet for all of these things she was a very quiet person who kept herself to herself.”

He said she was very fond of her dog called Pippa and was extremely sad she could no longer have a dog.

He added: “She catered for people all her life, she came to the state of sadness she wasn’t able to look after herself.

“In Nazareth House she was so well cared for, protected, cherished and loved as so many people now and in the past have been, so lovingly cared for.”

Fr McGoldrick offered up prayers for the five other flu victims of Nazareth House who had passed away in the last fortnight.