Drumsurn children being subjected to loyalist graffiti

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Drumsurn children as young as five are being forced to walk past “sickening” loyalist graffiti daubed on signs near their school.

The slogans - including ‘UVF’ scrawled several times - have been sprayed with black paint and appeared over the weekend on road signs just yards from houses, the local primary school and chapel.

Most of the pictures of the graffiti are too offensive to print, but they can be clearly seen by children walking to and from school and passing motorists.

A concerned mum in Drumsurn slammed those behind the graffiti.

“It’s disgusting and those who have done this obviously have no respect or manners,” she said, explaining she has two children who attend school in the village.

“My eldest even commented on the damage. Now with the good weather, there are a lot more children walking up and down the road to school. Some of the kids are spelling out the words and asking at home what they mean. I would ask these people, whoever they are, to have some respect and manners. Drumsurn is a quiet little village and we don’t need this. The people behind this obviously have little to do with their time.”

Sinn Fein councillor Brenda Chivers condemned the perpetrators who she believes are not locals.

“This sort of behaviour is unacceptable and must be condemned outright. It will not be tolerated and we urge anyone with information to come forward to the authorities and also for locals to be vigilant over the coming days and weeks for other such incidents.

“We do not believe this to be the work of locals as this is not the sort of thing that happens in this area.”

Colr. Chivers added: “Whoever did this didn’t take into consideration young people would be reading it. It is certainly not something parents want to see. It’s disgusting and people are very worried about this. It’s been done to annoy people. I would appeal to the perpetrators to stay out of our beautiful village. We welcome everyone to Drumsurn but not this type of sickening vandalism. We don’t need this in the village and I will be talking to the police about it.”