Dudey supporters to campaign for re-match

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Paul McCloskey fans are to campaign “the whole of Ireland and beyond in a bid to get a re-match with Amir Khan, the ‘Journal’ can reveal.

Dudey fans are so angry at Saturday’s controversial decision to stop the fight in the sixth round, supporters are dertermined to see justice done.

“People are gutted,” said Sean McGlinchey of the committee that organised last night’s homecoming. “Everyone feels Paul was cheated. Paul’s corner didn’t even get a chance to look at that cut.”

Mr. McGlinchey said the campaign will start in the next few days.

“We’ll be campaigning for a re-match with Amir Khan and we’ll be targeting the whole of Ireland and beyond; Sky Sports, the Boxing Association and whoever else we need to get on board. We’ll put 80,000 people in Croke Park, no bother.”

Ryan McVey from Dungiven said the decision in Manchester was disgraceful.

“I’ve seen worse cuts on a football pitch and players have continued. It was a farce. I’m gutted.” .

Dungiven man, Thomas McKeever, added: “It was lousy. I still don’t know what they were thinking.”

Legendary Derry hurler, Geoffrey McGonagle said the whole town is behind the 31-year-old southpaw.

“The town was buzzing because of Paul. I mean, this was Paul’s dream but, no matter what happened, Paul will always be a hero.”

Just hours before the big homecoming, Limavady Borough Council approved funding to the tune of £4,600 to pay for health and safety arrangements.

The Sinn Fein proposal was approved at a special noon meeting where it was explained the funding was for 52 stewards, radio equipment and St. John’s Ambulance. Locals also volunteered as stewards last night while the PSNI and a dozen council staff were involved due to the Mayor’s involvement.

Five Sinn Fein members present, along with the only SDLP member in attedance - Mayor Michael Carten - voted in favour of the move while Ulster Unionist member Jack Rankin, the DUP’s Alan Robinson, Leslie Cubitt and Boyd Douglas abstained. The UU’s Edwin Stevenson voted against.

Sinn Fein’s Anne Brolly said: “£4,600 wouldn’t buy the publicity Paul McCloskey has given us. The decision to stop the fight was a disgrace and Paul was robbed of a world title fight, but this homecoming is very special because Paul, in our eyes, is a hero.”