Dumping of human waste outside pensioners' bungalows an 'attack'

Illegal dumping in Lower Rosemount.
Illegal dumping in Lower Rosemount.

The flytipping of human waste outside a row of pensioners' bungalows in Derry has been blasted as an attack on the older people who live there by a local councillor.

The dumping of the rubbish in Lower Rosemount - an area that, unfortunately, has become a hotspot for anti-community fly-tipping, sparked an angry reaction from SDLP Councillor for the area, Shauna Cusack.

"We are all well aware of the persistent and ongoing issue of dumping and fly tipping in and around the streets and laneways of Rosemount. This traditionally proud and close knit community has been blighted by those who have total disrespect for the residents.

"I would go so far as to call this latest incident next to Lower Nassau Street as an attack. The visual, physical and serious health implications of these mounds of festering, rotten, domestic and shockingly human waste is shocking. As is the mindset of those who think this behaviour is acceptable," said Colr. Cusack.

Last year both the Rosemount/Glen and Spencer Road/Chapel Road areas were explicitly identified as hospots for illegal dumping by Derry city and Strabane District Council and targeted with bespoke educational ‘waste management packs’ to try to address the problem.

Colr. Cusack said: "Council are actively setting out a series of engagements to try educate and facilitate anyone with waste issues in the area.

"I’m also excited to hear of, and help with, an upcoming volunteer led community cleansing scheme which will periodically tackle the area and I will share the details of in due course.

"I have reported this problem to the cleansing department and hopefully enforcement can retrieve evidence of the culprits. Meanwhile, please report immediately if you witness anyone doing this, Rosemount residents deserve respect."