Dungiven designer’s fashion success

Derry's Jordan O'Keefe wearing THNK apparel.
Derry's Jordan O'Keefe wearing THNK apparel.

A talented Dungiven fashion designer who recently launched his own clothing line has revealed it will soon be available in a UK chain store.

Just three months ago Kevin McCaul started “THNK Apparel”.

The 21-year-old said it started from nothing (during recovery from leg surgery!) but has “blown up over the last few weeks”.

It’s a hit on Facebook, there has been confirmation of stockists in Newcastle and Leeds, and Kevin says he has received “mountains of messages asking for clothes from locals and much further beyond”. He said he has even received CVs from people asking for jobs.

“Things have all got a bit crazy for me,” he said, explaining how it started.

“I drew up what I wanted on paper and worked closely with graphic designers from different parts of the UK who then made the designs possible on the computer, via illustrator, Photoshop etc. I had my first two T-shirts made and luckily have a mate who studies photography part time,” he says. “I got in contact with Jasmin Brown, a Miss NI finalist to model for me, she was more than happy to help and since we’ve became very good friends and she is always there to help.”

The young designer says his line has been described as “current, fresh and crisp”.

“I want THNK Apparel to be the sort of clothes that girls can throw on, not have to worry about their hair and make-up and instantly look hip and on trend,” he says.

“I designed most of the range to appeal to both males and females and it definitely has done that.”

As for the name of the line, Kevin explained: “There isn’t really an exciting story behind the name of the brand. Basically me and my friend Niall were going to start a club night called ‘Think Twice’. We ditched the idea and I stole the name - sorry Niall!”

Kevin said he’s delighted with the response so far, “not just from my friends and locals but from people from all over the UK and even further beyond”.

“I’ve had messages from people in America wanting items sent over to them as soon as they are ready. Jordan O’Keefe from Britain’s Got Talent has helped me a lot! He has been wearing the line in London, in rehearsals, on the BBC and to gigs which has been brilliant exposure. Former ‘X’ Factor finalist and friend Eoghan Quigg has also been wearing the line everywhere he goes. My line will feature in July’s ‘Front’ magazine which has 150,000 plus readers online.”

Until www.thnkapparel.com is up and running, check out Facebook - THNK Apparel and on Twitter @thnkapparel