Dungiven Hunger Strike memorial targeted

Two of the posters removed from the Hunger Strike memorial in Dungiven.
Two of the posters removed from the Hunger Strike memorial in Dungiven.

The brother of Dungiven hunger striker Kevin Lynch has branded those who targeted a memorial in the town as “despicable”.

Posters advertising a fast food chain and wishing Kevin Lynch a happy birthday were discovered pasted onto the sign on Thursday. The memorial is located at the top of the town, near the Sports Pavilion and pays tribute to the hunger strikers.


INLA prisoner Kevin Lynch from Dungiven died after 71 days on hunger strike in Long Kesh.

The youngest of eight children, he was 25 at the time of his death on August 1, 1981.

Kevin’s brother, Gerald Lynch told the ‘Journal’ those behind the vandalism were trying to stir up tensions in the town. “They’re just idiots, really, whoever did this, and it’s very distasteful,” said Gerald.

“For a start, they were late on the mark as Kevin’s birthday was on the 25th May. Certainly, I feel they are despicable and I feel it’s really aimed at trying to raise tensions in the town.

“Whoever did this, well they’re just living in the past and they need to catch themselves on. The way they are going on is a way of the past and, if it wasn’t so distasteful, it would be laughable. They’re just idiots, that’s all they are.”

Mr Lynch said it was a cowardly act.

“You don’t see the people of Dungiven trying to antagonise their neighbours. Everyone just tries to go about their daily business and live beside each other in peace,” said Mr Lynch.

“This was just a cowardly act and I really think it’s all about trying to stir up tensions in the town. It’s pathetic.”

The posters were removed from the sign on Thursday.

Sinn Féin councillor Tony McCaul said: “The people responsible for putting up these posters are sick. This was a very distasteful act, and is really just a very cowardly act perpetrated by people who seem to know no better.”