Dungiven’s Fit Females up for the challenge

Benbradagh Community Support is encouraging the ladies of Dungiven town and the surrounding villages to join them in a bid to become Fit Females.

For the past eight weeks local women ranging in age from 16 to 60 have been gathering together to participate in the classes organised by Benbradagh Community Support and Dungiven Sports Pavilion at a cost of just one pound per class.

Colleen Harkin, Community and Youth Co-Ordinator for Benbradagh Community Support said: “We’re increasingly aware these days that it’s important for our health that we stay fit and active. We at Benbradagh Community Support were very grateful to receive funding from the local council and the public health agency to run these classes at such a low cost making them so much more accessible. Being active shouldn’t be about spending a fortune it should be about getting together with your friends, having a laugh and reaping the benefits in the form of improved self image, increased energy and overall better health. That’s really what these classes are about.”

The classes take place at Dungiven Sports Pavilion and a variety of options are offered.

“Ladies are encouraged to grab their trainers and come along on Monday afternoons at 1.30pm for legs, bums and tums, Wednesday evenings at 5.30pm for upper body circuits and abs and Thursday evenings at 5.30pm for stability ball”, said Ms Harkin.

Leona Flemming, senior recreation assistant at Dungiven Sports Pavilion can rhyme off a list of benefits from reduced risk of oesteporosis and healthier heart and lungs to improved posture and flexibility as well as reduced stress levels. She says in the eight weeks that the programme has been running she and recreation assistant Mairtin Gillen have seen the current participants come on leaps and bounds in terms of their ability and fitness.

“I’d like to stress that this programme is for all levels of ability” adds Miss Harkin. “We have women joining up who haven’t been to an exercise class in years who wanted to get active but didn’t know where to start or didn’t feel they’d be capable. That’s just not the case. These classes are specifically for ladies only to help participants feel they can join a welcoming environment and remove any feelings of self-consciousness. The classes are designed in a way that you can work at a level that feels comfortable to you and improve on that week on week or class on class if you’re keen enough to attend all 3.”

Brenda, a regular class member adds: “Since I started attending these classes I’ve been keeping my measurements and have noticed a huge difference in areas that are usually difficult to tone. Mairtin and Leona are fantastic instructors and keep the classes fresh and interesting. I’ve even started bringing family and friends along and I’d really encourage anyone who’s thinking about it to sign up.”

To book for a class or for more information please contact Dungiven Sports Pavilion on 028 777 42074 or Colleen Harkin at Benbradagh Community Support on 028 777 40169 or email benbradaghcommunitysupport@hotmail.co.uk.

Participants do not have to sign up to the full course but can attend the classes to suit around their lifestyle.