DUP anger at Queen remarks

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DUP politician Gregory Campbell has said it is “hypocrisy” for Martin McGuinness to call for an apology from Queen Elizabeth for the events of Bloody Sunday.

The Deputy First Minister made the comment during his appearance on RTÉ’s ‘The Late Late Show’ on Saturday night.

However, East Derry MP Mr Campbell accused the Sinn Féin leader of hypocrisy, adding that Mr McGuinness had never apologised for IRA violence.

Mr Campbell said; “A person who has openly admitted to being involved in an organisation whose specific purpose was to murder and maim, namely the Provisional IRA, but who has never publicly apologised for his involvement in that failed campaign, has asked for an apology from the Queen. The hypocrisy of this statement has clearly been lost on Martin McGuinness.”

Mr Campbell also said he hoped the comments would delay on the proposed first visit of a British monarch to the Republic. “Hopefully this hypocrisy will do nothing to mar the first visit of the Queen to that country, particularly when Mary McAleese, the president of the Irish Republic, has been asked to make no similar such apology for the part her country’s government played in the creation of the IRA, despite her numerous visits to this country.”