Durkan calls for ‘disastrous’ and ‘dangerous’ islands to be removed

SDLP Foyle MLA Mark H Durkan has shown DRD Minister Danny Kennedy at first hand why urgency is needed to remove traffic islands on Glen Road, which he says present a real danger to residents, pedestrians and drivers.

Mr Durkan said: “These islands, which were installed without formal consultation, have presented the residents of the area with numerous safety concerns and have indeed exacerbated speeding and parking issues on the road.

“This is an issue which I have been working on since the installation of what can now only be described as disastrous traffic islands. At this meeting Minister Kennedy was able to see first-hand both the speed of traffic on the Glen Road and he could not fail to recognise the hazards presented by the islands, therefore I am confident of a positive outcome.”

Councillor Shauna Cusack said “This is an issue which has plagued residents, families of young children and motorists for too long.”