Durkan to vote against ISIL air strikes

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MP for Foyle, Mark Durkan, will vote against UK air strikes on ISIL in Iraq later today.

Mr. Durkan and his fellow SDLP MPs have all said they are not prepared to support the motion which is currently being debated in the House of Commons in London.

Mark Durkan said food banks were a 'coping mechanism' for many people

Mark Durkan said food banks were a 'coping mechanism' for many people

Speaking ahead of the vote, Mr. Durkan suggested military action could see the UK be “sucked into a situation of troops on the ground”.

“We will be voting against air strikes simply because we are not confident that it will be as limited – or remain as limited – as its advocates seem to be saying,” Mr. Durkan told the Journal.

“It is also going to be hard not to end up mired in a deeper situation – or sucked into a situation – of troops on the ground.

“Whilst I can fully understand those who want to respond in a sharp way – especially given the nature of what IS [ISIL] has done and we know are capable of doing – I am still not convinced that these measures can be effective in the precise way that people claim.

“We have had all sorts of claims in the past about precision air strikes in Afghanistan and elsewhere which have led to the deaths of thousands of innocent people. Indeed, the Israelis are supposed to have the sharpest technology available and look at how many innocent people they have killed in Gaza.”

In recent weeks ISIS, which operate in Iraq and Syria, have broadcast the beheadings of several western journalists and aid workers on-line.