Durkan urges people to save money and avail of ‘oil clubs’

Mark H. Durkan.
Mark H. Durkan.

Speaking after Bryson energy launched its nationwide scheme to set up 27 oil clubs last week, SDLP Foyle MLA Mark H Durkan says it will help lift some of the most vulnerable out of fuel poverty. This brand new initiative is funded by NIHE and will run for 3 years helping almost 5,000 homes achieve cheaper oil prices.

Mr Durkan said: “68 per cent of Northern Ireland households are dependent on using oil boilers as their main heat source. The cheapest way to buy oil is in bulk deliveries as smaller quantities of oil cost more per litre for delivery. As most people in Derry are struggling to make ends meet, most households are still finding it difficult to budget for large one-off bulk deliveries of oil and may have no option but to buy smaller, more expensive quantities

“This new scheme from Bryson is aimed to help alleviate some of the expense facing the ordinary homeowner. Oil clubs assist residents reduce their costs by purchasing their oil orders in bulk as part of a group. By combining orders, communities can negotiate a lower price per litre than by ordering alone.

“I would urge any groups interested in setting up an oil buying club to contact my office on 02871 365516 and we will help you get in touch with Bryson”