Eakin Bros will sort your air con

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With summer fast approaching, journeys being planned and warm weather on the horizon, many drivers in Maydown will be looking for ways to keep it cool when taking to the road.

Luckily, local Vauxhall retailer Eakin Bros is on hand to give owners a breath of fresh air in a clean and comfy car, thanks to the manufacturer’s great-value Air-Con De-Bug.

Until 31st August 2014, the retailer on Carakeel Drive is offering drivers of Vauxhall vehicles a thorough Air-Con De-Bug for just £19.99, whereby Vauxhall technicians will cleanse a vehicle’s system to remove any bacteria that may be present.

This will improve air quality, eliminate odours and provide a healthier environment for drivers and passengers.

John Eakin, Retail Operator at Eakin Bros, explains: “When travelling in hot weather, drivers will want to enjoy the comforting coolness of their air-conditioning systems.

“Now we are on the cusp of summer, it’s the ideal time to ensure that any bacteria, mould and fungi that has built up in the system over the colder months is removed, which can cause unpleasant odours, allergic reactions and irritations.

”To make arranging an Air-Con De-Bug even easier, customers at Eakin Bros can now head to the internet, thanks to Vauxhall’s easy to use Online Booking facility.”

From diarising De-bugs to scheduling annual services, owners can book online at any time of day or night. Simply visit www.vauxhall.co.uk, click on ‘Owner Services’ and select ‘Book a Service’ from the menu.

Keeping it cool

With many people taking to the road to enjoy days out during warm weather spells, the retailer is also on hand with tips to help keep drivers and passengers ‘chilled out’ in top-temperatures.

John Eakin adds: “It’s all too easy to jump in the car and head out on a hot day, but it’s worth having a few items and pieces of advice up your sleeve to ensure your journey is as cool, calm and comfortable as possible.”

The retailer’s top tips include:

* Always ensure you have drinks on hand to keep you hydrated

* Keep a pair of sunglasses in your car to protect your eyes and prevent being dazzled by bright rays, and place sunshades on passenger windows, especially if you have young travellers with you

* If you are travelling with children, pack a selection of books, toys and games to keep them occupied – with many people taking advantage of good weather days, you never know when traffic might snarl up and tempers within the car start to fray.

* Keep your car ticking over in hot temperatures by making sure your screen wash reservoir is topped up, you have enough oil and that your radiator has enough water

To find out more about Vauxhall’s range of aftersales services available at Eakin Bros and to take advantage of a £19.99 Air-Con De-Bug, please visit the dealership at 2 Carakeel Drive, Maydown.BT47 6UQ.

Alternatively, call 028 7186 0601 or go online to the website at www.eakinbros.com where you can find out more information

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