Earhart Gala Ball celebrations

“A celebration of cultural diversity and all that makes our city special,” is what the Earhart Festival director, Oliver Green, is promising to guests at the Amelia Earhart Gala Ball & Cultural Celebration which takes place in the City Hotel this coming Sunday night, May 20.

“This is one of the landmark events introduced to the festival programme in 2010,” Mr Green explains, “and one that we trust continues to set the standard and tradition for future festivals.

“The night will be a celebration of good community relations in honour of Amelia Earhart’s historical achievements.”

“The entire event will be imbued with a distinctly 30s retro atmosphere, from the décor to the cocktails and canapés, gangsters to dancing girls, he enthuses.

“I understand that Miss Earhart herself may be making a guest appearance. After a reception, there’ll be a programme of top quality entertainment and the evening will culminate with dancing till late to the music of a swing orchestra.”

Oliver Green says 2012 is a major milestone for the Festival.

“Derry City Council have officially designated May 21 as Amelia Earhart Day,’ he says, “which is a timely recognition of the lasting connection between the Earhart story and the history of our community.”

For further information on the Earhart Gala Ball and Cultural Celebration, contact Donna: donna@gscaderry.com or telephone: 71357443.