Echo Echo’s ambitious theatre show ‘The Cove’ tours the North

Derry based dance company, Echo Echo, are on tour with a new production called ‘The Cove’, which sees them merge visual arts, music and dance with outdoor pursuits - all inspired by a hidden cove near Shroove, on the North Donegal coast.

The production was co-created by a plethora of local arts talent including visual artist Dan Shipsides from Belfast, talented music composer Christopher Norby- who has composed for Ulster Orchestra and NI Opera- and six young professional dancers who are all based here in the province.

All six Echo Echo dancers live and work in Derry, three of which graduated from the University of Ulster Magee campus, as did composer Christopher Norby.

Echo Echo Development Officer, Sarah Bryden said: “Echo Echo has always been an advocate for supporting local emerging artists and the work that we have done in developing this really shows in this production. It is a fantastic experience for the young dancers to tour around Northern Ireland and perform in front of various audiences.”

Using the hugely stunning set design as their landscape on stage, they scramble, they sit, jump and climb as well as dance, leaving the audience in a state of wonder at the spectacle.

One audience member from the premiere night said: “Congratulations to all the cast and crew for a fabulous performance last night in An Gríanan, Letterkenny. Being able to captivate a hyperactive ten year old, a fourteen year old and ‘just plain old’ like me, is a spectacular feat and deserves the highest praise.”

Echo Echo Company Manager, Ailbe Beirne, said: “Echo Echo’s team of artists and collaborators are of the highest professional level for this project so we must thank the Legacy Trust for the funding support to make it possible. The company has built up a very loyal and interested local audience but I think there are many more people out there who will enjoy this live performance work. It’s very cutting edge and combines different art forms, music, theatre, video, lighting, to make something that is very difficult to describe in words.”

Echo Echo is considered to be one of Ireland’s leading dance companies and is known for it’s innovative projects and unique performance style. The Cove will be in Omagh, Cookstown, Belfast, and Downpatrick before finishing the tour in Echo Echo’s hometown of Derry at the Millennium Forum on Wednesday, October 17.

The Cove is funded through Legacy Trust UK’s Challenge Fund, which is managed by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

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