Bishops urged to invervene over selection tests

Sinn F�in's Patricia Logue. (0612MM20)
Sinn F�in's Patricia Logue. (0612MM20)

Catholic bishops must take “robust action” to challenge grammar schools over the use of unregulated selection tests, Sinn Féin councillor Patricia Logue has said.

Colr. Logue made the call after the Catholic Principals Association urged Catholic grammar schools to stop using the controversial entrance exams.

“I think that the argument of testing children at ten and eleven has long been proven to be detrimental to the educational development of our young people and should cease immediately,” she said.

The Sinn Féin colr. said affirmative action is needed to end the use of the tests. “Currently the vast majority of grammar schools across the North operate on an all-ability level with grades from A to D being accepted so there really is no reason for such high-pressure entrance exams.

“I welcome the call from the Catholic Principal Association for grammar schools to stop the unregulated tests and reiterate their call on Catholic bishops to take more affirmative action in making this happen.

“The time is now right to remove these stressful tests from our education system and allow all of our children the opportunity to maximise their potential through equality in education,” she said.