‘Can’t Pay Won’t Pay’ urge property tax boycott

Campaigners opposed to the expected introduction of a property tax in the forthcoming budget have urged people from Inishowen to protest against it, writes Catherine McGinty.

Can’t Pay Won’t Pay (CPWP) activist Francis McCafferty called for people in the peninsula to boycott the proposed property tax and the household charge.

He said: “Can’t Pay Won’t Pay is asking opponents of the new property tax to support a protest rally in Letterkenny on Saturday, December 8. We expect finance minister Michael Noonan to announce the property tax in his budget of December 5.

“The household charge has been the thin end of a very wide wedge of other taxes.

“We are now being hit with these, beginning with the property tax. Instead of 100 euro, we will now be expected to pay three, four maybe five hundred euro or more.

Coming on top of other expected cuts and austerity measures, the property tax will stretch many to breaking point.”

Mr McCafferty confirmed that Socialist Party TD Clare Daly will address the Letterkenny rally along with Independent TD Thomas Pringle.

The CPWP spokesperson said people all over Donegal are opposing the household tax, septic tank charges, water charges and property tax.

He said: “If people want the charges scrapped, they should come and stand with all of the others who are refusing to be bled dry to pay for a bondholder bailout.

“There are still over 45,000 households in the county who have refused to pay the household charge.

“If we continue to resist, we will make the household and property taxes uncollectable.”

The CPWP demonstration is assembling at the Tesco Roundabout in Letterkenny.

It will be followed by a rally in the Market Square.