Celebrating 100 years of the ‘School on the Hill’

A new book celebrating 100 years of Rosemount Primary School - the ‘School on the Hill’ - is due to hit the bookshelves any day now.

The new publication, which outlines the school’s history from its opening in 1912 to the present day, is jam-packed full of fascinating stories and photographs.

Fred Campbell's Gregorian Choir from 1949. [04-05-12 SML 7]

Fred Campbell's Gregorian Choir from 1949. [04-05-12 SML 7]

Among those who’ve penned articles for the new book are former pupils including Nobel laureate John Hume, charity founder Richard Moore, author and historian Sean McMahon, former BBC broadcaster Paul McFadden and the Journal’s very own best-selling author Claire Allan.

In his foreword to the book, Dermot McDermott, chairman of the school’s Board of Governors, writes that, during its centenary year, Rosemount will be “awash with emotion as people look in awe at the collections of old photographs and find themselves and search for family and friends... Memories will be shared; moments recalled and hope for the future discussed. It truly will be a great year.”

In his article for the book, John Hume recalls that, when he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1998, “I felt that it was essential that I give the school a copy of the Nobel Medal I received as none of the work I have done would have been possible without the wealth of strong values and the enlightened education I received in Rosemount.”

Richard Moore, meanwhile, says he looks back on his years at the school with “great fondness and deep gratitude to all those teachers who were clearly dedicated to the children of that school. I, for one, owe them a lot. The knowledge, values and faith they instilled in us, remain with me today.”

School principal Brendan Grant concludes the book with the assertion that Rosemount Primary and Nursery School will continue to “grow and flourish as the next hundred years roll out.”

The school’s centenary celebrations include a special Mass at St Eugene’s Cathedral this morning (11.30 a.m.) which will be followed by an anniversary dinner in the school canteen.