Childcare worker sits in at Donegal community centre

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The small Inishowen village of Quigley’s Point is at war today as the community has been split down the middle.

Parents have been told to “pick their side” in a bitter dispute over a local childcare facility.

Gardai staked out the building all weekend as more than 200 people staged a protest on Saturday at the Community centre where a childcare leader, Milanda McCauley from Children’s Point Childcare LTD, was said to have locked herself inside the building on Friday evening in protest to what she describes as “an invalid termination of her lease”. She previously ran childcare facilities at the building for 27 years.

In a lengthy statement issued to the ‘Journal’ yesterday, a spokesperson for the group at the centre of the controversy, Nancy McCauley said attempts by them over the weekend to find a “mutually acceptable resolution” had not been successful.

She added on Saturday they were subjected to the most frightening action by a large crowd of people outside the centre ‘banging on the windows and shouting abuse at us.’

In a separate statement, the Quigley’s Point Community Centre board of directors and management committee described themselves as “angry and shocked” at the actions which took place on Friday afternoon.

They said the group behind the prtotest, Children’s Point Childcare LTD had commandeered their playrooms and staged a community protest.

“This action justifies the decision we made back in April to not renew our lease with them.”