Dancing with Death DVD launched

The issues of dangerous and reckless driving were highlighted recently with the launch of a special DVD at St Cecilia’s College.

Greater Shantallow Community Arts, who were behind the production of the hard hitting DVD, designed the project specifically with young people in mind.

Speaking at the launch, Oliver Green, artistic director of Greater Shantallow Community Arts said:

“The issues of dangerous and reckless driving among young people in Northern Ireland have been highlighted repeatedly, especially in our local community safety meetings and within local media.

“The practise of speeding, reckless driving, using your mobile phone and drink driving is a present issue and a danger to everyone on the roads.  

“The only way to address this issue is with the young people themselves, explaining and making clear the devastating effects that seemingly harmless activities can have when things go wrong.

“‘Dancing with Death’ multi-media dance project was designed to directly engage young people.  

“The outcome of this project was a multi-media contemporary dance production live on stage for audiences and young people to come along and watch, as well as being recorded, posted on line through social media Facebook and YouTube allowing for maximum impact.

“We were delighted to have engaged with young people from right across are community and in particular the year six students from St Cecilia’s College Creggan who were engaged in a series of dance workshops and discussions with inspirational dance choreographer Irena Melly, as well as with a range of Blue Light and Road safety organisations in order to create and develop the ‘Dancing with Death’ multi-media production.

Mr Green finished by saying: “We are so grateful to the DOE and the Community Transport Association for once again supporting the work of Greater Shantallow Community Arts and helping to get the message out to our young people as we approach the summer months to take care on the roads, drive safely and for them not to let themselves or their friends become heartbreaking statistics in the years ahead.”