Derry school’s GCSE league table

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More than half of Derry’s post primary schools are failing to meet GCSE government targets.

The north’s Department of Education say 50% of a school’s pupils should achieve five GCSEs in grades A-C, including Maths and English.

But in Derry seven of the city’s 12 post primary schools fall below that target.

The city’s grammar schools - Foyle College, Lumen Christi, St Columbs and Thornhill - all meet the minimum standard according to official figures from the Department of Education.

Lumen Christi tops the local league table with 100% of all pupils achieving 5 or more good GCSEs in 2010/11.

At two schools, St Brigid’s and St Peter‘s - earmarked for closure earlier this year following a major review of Catholic education - only 14% of pupils met the minimum requirements.

All Derry school’s GCSE performance is detailed below.

Minister for Education John O’Dowd says he is committed to eradicating the disparity in the north’s education system.

“We must address the unacceptable impact that poverty and disadvantage has on educational attainment,” he says.

“That is why the Executive’s draft Programme for Government contains a specific commitment to increase significantly the proportions of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds who achieve at least five good GCSEs including English and Maths.

“A commitment that I am determined as Education Minister to deliver – and one with which I shall need help and support from my Executive colleagues, as well as all the partners which make up our education system.

“We know that achieving at this level not only unlocks the door to further and higher education and to well paid and fulfilling jobs; it is also linked with better health, lower rates of offending and provides arguably the best means of reducing child poverty in the longer term. All of society benefits from these gains,” he says.

Listed below are the 12 Derry post primary schools and the percentage of their pupils who achieved 5 or more GCSEs at grades A-C ( including Maths and English)

Foyle College 89.9%

Immaculate Conception 18.4%

Lisneal 24%

Lumen Christi 100%

Oakgrove 24.6%

St Brigid’s 13.6%

St Cecilia’s 54.1%

St Columbs 88.1%

St Josephs 39.9%

St Mary’s 40%

St Peters 14.3%

Thornhill 96.9