Managing a music business


One of the UK’s leading music business studies providers, Generator, have announced they are to run a free taster session at the Nerve Centre on Wednesday June 19.

The taster session, at The Nerve Centre, is a precursor to the fast track Level 3 Diploma course.

Organisers insist that the Managing A Music Business Enterprise (MMBE) is a must for anyone wanting to work in the music industry, through gaining the skills and knowledge the course has to offer, those attending can quickly turn their dream job into a reality.

MMBE is a qualification delivering the skills and knowledge essential to running a sustainable music business. This is the only course of its kind in the UK and now, for the first time, is being delivered in Derry.

Developed and led by Generator, the UK’s leading Music Development Agency, this 13 week course provides knowledge, support and a Level 3 Diploma for people who want to make the music industry work for them.

Led by industry experts the syllabus features music business leaders as guest speakers. The course content is based on real life scenarios and adapted to shifting trends in the industry.

MMBE will be hosting a free of charge taster day on Wednesday June 19 at The Nerve Centre, from 5 -7pm, this is designed to give those attending an overview of what the course has to offer and how it can assist them with progressing their career within the music industry.

To sign up for the MMBE course please contact; More information can be found at