Now 900 ‘surplus’ post-primary places

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dj news

There are currently just under 900 surplus places in post-primary schools in the Derry area, new figures have revealed.

The statistic is contained in newly published plans for the future of schools in the post-primary sector across the district.

The local plans, which were published yesterday by the Western Education and Library Board (WELB), are now out for a period of extended consultation.

Viability audits for schools were published earlier this year, listing all schools and any problems they had with pupil numbers, budget deficits and examination results.

‘Financial stress’

Locally, the audit reveals that seven of the 13 post-primary schools in the Derry area have some form of “financial stress”.

Turning to future need in the Derry area, the WELB report reveals that, as part of recommendations floated by the Diocesan Programme Board, the CCMS has published a development proposal consulting on the closure of St Peter’s High School, Creggan, by September 2012.

Another recommendation is an immediate review of provision of post-primary education at Immaculate Conception College to be completed by December of this year.

The report also mentions Irish medium education which, it says, will be taken forward through a regional strategy. A proposal for an Irish medium post primary school in the Derry area is currently at an early stage of development, it reveals.