NWRC celebrates successful four years

The North West Regional Colleague is celebrating four successful years, revealing that under the care of the current governing body the number of education and training programmes delivered by the college has increased by 43%.

Current Chairman Bertie Faulkner said the last four years had been marked with “significant achievements”.

Alongside the increase in the education and training programmes offered, the college reported that their Essential Skills courses had increased a staggering 80%.

This coincided with a massive investment in the College’s campuses.

Mr Faulkner said the College has made significant investment, with the major portion of the spend being allocated to the new Foyle Building and the extension of the Lawrence Building at the Strand Road Campus.

However, significant sums were also spent on additional classroom and workshop space at the Strabane campus and in updating part of the Springtown campus.

Mr Faulkner paid tribute to the standard of education being delivered by teaching staff at the NWRC saying: “The quality of classroom delivery and support services is central to a well-managed College, and there is now clear evidence across our College that teaching and non-teaching teams are now more accountable for the performance of students.

“This has resulted in increased student retention, and it is heartening to note that in the last year all ETI inspection reports on curriculum areas were either good or very good. Furthermore, in support areas such as blended learning, student guidance and the embedding of cultural diversity, whilst ungraded, were excellent reports.”