President Higgins invited to visit Derry’s Magee Campus

Picture Margaret McLaughlin ?
Picture Margaret McLaughlin ?

The University of Ulster has invited the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, to visit its Magee Campus in Derry.

He received the invitation from Magee Provost Professor Deirdre Heenan, just days after his inauguration, when he visited Northern Ireland in his official capacity for the first time.

The President was in Derry for the final of All-Island School Choir Competition in the Millennium Forum, where he was greeted with a standing ovation from the crowded auditorium. Afterwards the President and the Northern Ireland Secretary Mr Owen Patterson mixed informally with guests.

Professor Heenan said: “President Higgins’s arrival added a special touch of extra glitz to the atmosphere and everyone was very touched that he had chosen Derry for what was just his second official function.

“It was a huge honour to meet him. As we shook hands I took the opportunity to invite him to visit Magee the next time he is in the city, to see our expanding campus and the teaching, learning and research activity that is an intrinsic part of the foundations of a regenerated Derry and the North West, which we are all striving for.

“I also extended the same invitation to the Secretary of State and I have received very positive responses this week from the offices of both President Higgins and Mr Patterson. Our door is always open to anyone who will help the University promote the North West.”