Principals welcome Cross Border schools plan

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Two Donegal Principals have welcomed a cross-jurisdictional consultation on the future of educational provision.

The Departments of Education in Dublin and Belfast announced yesterday, families in Donegal and in Derry, will be asked about sending their children to schools in either county. The survey will be conducted in schools and community groups and formal arrangements may be in place by September 2013.

Announcing the move, Minister Ruairi Quinn said: “Co-operation among communities in border areas is key to improving teaching services.”

Mr Liam Galbraith, Principal, Crana College in Buncrana, said: “For people living in the Border area, the Border is an imaginary line on a map. Access to the best type of education should be available to families, irrespective of where they live. I just hope that issues such as transport are properly sorted out in advance.”

According to Mr Micheal O Giobuin, Principal, Colaiste Ailigh, in Letterkenny, the developments could bode well for families seeking Irish medium education.

He said: “I would give this consultation a broad welcome. However, it would be essential that good transport arrangements,from Derry and Strabane to Letterkenny, be properly sorted out first.

“Such co-operation would give pupils in Strabane and Derry a great opportunity to continue their education through the medium of Irish. This would be a great step forward”