Schools give positive image of Limavady’ - Dallat

East Derry SDLP Assembly member John Dallat has paid tribute to the staff and students of Limavady post-primary schools for their ability to work together in learning partnerships.

He said: “I had the privilege of meeting staff and students from Limavady Grammar, St Marys and Limavady High School at Stormont last week.

“These schools represent the very best in Education and project a very positive image of Limavady. I told the students that they are a beacon of light for the future and should be grateful to their teachers, for the opportunities they have created to enable them to explore the past, but more importantly chart the future.

“The Education Service at Stormont is available to all schools, primary and post primary. Our schools in Limavady have made best use of the service and have empowered their students with a level of knowledge and understanding, which will ensure future generations have a mature understanding of politics and are much less likely to resort to methods of change which brought so much grief and suffering in the past.”